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warframe defender

1 skill: Element detector(Only water, fire, electricity, ice and air) A stick where is used as an element detector which last for 10 mins. Which tranfers element into the skills he uses and turns into weapons elemental effect. If there isnt any element then it takes air as element. Air can slow enemy.Ice can slower enemies at multiple hit they freeze and break. Water can pierce through. Fire can burn. Electricity paralyzes enemies. Which can be picked by user to deploy it else where to get passive skill working. 2 skill: Destroyer A gun which placed for defence. can be placed upto 4 and enemies can detroy it. 100 heath with 200 shield. Shootes enemies under 100mt radius and has rapid shooting with 4 skill active. which can get the elemetal effect too. 3 skill: Look alike It isnt related to 1 skill and doesnt activate while 1 skill is active but can look alike an enemy he just killed for 2min. It is an device fitted on Warframe to copy enemy frame. Has no detection to enemy sensors. 4 skill: Death castle He sends small drones to all over the room where elemental effect is activated inside the castle. it lasts for 4min at max level. Ice freezes enemies entering the castle. Water has slowing effect. Air pushes enemies to the center of the castle. Fire burns enemies. Electricity paralyzes enemies. Drone return to the user after 4 mins. passive skill: Can get energy return of 5 for every kill without using 1 skill.

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